What Are Backlinks In SEO And What Are The Advantages Of Backlinks?

Backlinks are the most searched query on the internet in the SEO world,  Majorly people search what are backlinks in SEO? Worry not I will be sharing in-depth a guide about backlinks and advantages of backlinks in this article.

If you concerned about backlinks more, it means you are on the verge of getting lots of organic traffic which converts well and flood your bank accounts with dollars.

Let’s directly dive into our article.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links coming from other sites to your site or your site to other sites. Also, we call them inbound links and outbound links. Backlinks considered as the major Off-Page SEO factor to rank better in search engines and it is widely searched on the internet. Gaining backlinks are really a tough job, however, if you know proper strategies you can get many of them. 

Before jumping into the article let’s understand some common phrases related to backlinks.

  1. Link Juice: If the link is do-follow then hyperlink passes link juice, don’t worry about the term Do follow I will describe in the further part of the article. link juice is a term used in the SEO world when equity is passed through the hyperlink from one page to another. Search engines consider these equities as votes. See the below image to understand about outbound links.Link juice flow diagram in seoImage credit: Woorank.com
  2. Do-Follow Backlinks: These types of links gain SEO benefits to your websites which passes link juice. Do follow links to help your website to rank better in search engines. While crawling hyperlinked site which linked you content i.e your webpage also get crawled by Google spiders and gets you better SERP results. Equity is passed through Do-follow links. Any default link or link without rel=”nofollow” attribute is do-follow backlink.
  3. No-Follow Backlinks: No follow links are just hyperlinks coming from other sites that do not provide that much SEO benefits to your site as do-follow links do. These types of links only help in getting referral traffic to your site and get your brand noticed by others in the same niche. While visiting source code of any site you can easily identify Do follow links and No-follow links. If you found rel=”nofollow” attribute assigned to any hyperlink it means it no-follow link.
  4. No follow backlink
    Check out the zoomed image of a Dofollow link:do follow backlink
  5. Anchor Text: Anchor text is the word on which your site has been hyperlinked. Anchors are really important factors in terms of Off-page SEO. Bad anchors or irrelevant anchors can severely harm your SEO(Search Engine Optimization).Anchor text in backlinks
    In the above image, I have linked SEmrush to the anchor text best Website traffic tracker.
  6. Low-Quality Links: Links from not so popular sites, low authority sites, spammy sites, porn sites, harvested sites considered low-quality links. Your authority is dependent on the quality of the link profile you have. Be careful while buying links. If found low-quality backlinks you show disavow those bad links. You can buy high-quality safe backlinks from LinksManagement, Get $50 Free Credit to buy backlinks.
  7. Internal Links: If you are linking your existing content from one page to another internal or linking one post to another is known as internal linking. This practice helps your posts to rank well in search engines without any backlinks.

Advantages of Backlinks:

Building quality backlinks for SEO benefits is a healthy practice, you should proactively build quality links if you are in a competitive niche and wants to rank better fast.

  1. Builds your brand’s authority: As already said backlinks can help you build a brand’s authority, gain (DA) domain authority & (PA)Page Authority (metric invented by Moz). Your Brands get noticed by masses when mentioned on any reputed or big websites. Brand mentions are also considered as a ranking signal in terms of SEO.
  2. Get constant referral traffic: When a user clicks on a hyperlink and lands on your website that traffic is known as referral traffic. A backlink can drive consistent referral traffic for the long term which can help you gain more customers and clients for your business. In comparison with organic traffic referral traffic is not good quality traffic.
  3. Build Networks and relationships: While building backlinks you get golden opportunity to interact with a similar mindset of people. This helps in making your network more strong, you can share knowledge among each other, ultimately that will help you both to accelerate your growth.
  4. Long term resource links: It’s really very hard to retain backlinks for the long term, as someday anything happens or they updated their article and chances are more that you lose your backlink, however, if you are connected with them personally then you can ask them to relink your posts again.

How To Get Backlinks:

Below are several ways to gain backlinks for your website in order to rank better in search engines. Some common ways I have listed below which will help you to get more backlinks for your website.

Backlinks building is not an easy job, you have to devote time and money to build quality links. In order to rank on the first page of search engines, your page should be more powerful in terms of content and quality link votes than your competitor.

If your site is new then I recommend you to write content on super easy keywords I mean long-tail keywords with least competition, you can use LongTailPro to find easy to rank keywords.

Google has introduced two new attributes with respect to links that are rel=”sponsored”  & rel=”ugc” UGC stands for user-generated content.

For understanding results on SERP much better Google has introduces these changes and that’s how Google can now figure out paid links or sponsored backlinks.

Backlink Tools:

I hope you enjoyed my guide on Backlinks, now you guys know what are the advantages of backlinks and what backlinks can do to your search rankings.

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